Quality Management Policy

Zed Aziz - November 2023

Fleet Transport Consultants is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest quality standards in all aspects of our operations. We strive to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, stakeholders, and regulatory requirements. This commitment is guided by the principles of ISO 9001:2015 and forms the foundation for our continuous improvement journey.

Our Key Commitments:

Customer Focus: We prioritise understanding and meeting our customer needs and expectations through effective communication, feedback mechanisms (e.g., regular customer satisfaction surveys), and continuous improvement processes (e.g., implementing a system for capturing and addressing customer complaints effectively). We actively seek to develop products and services that align with customer needs and market research.

Leadership: Our leadership team demonstrates unwavering commitment to quality by providing clear direction, resources, and support to achieve our quality objectives and maintain an effective quality management system (QMS). This involves leading by example and demonstrating a commitment to quality in all decisions and actions, as well as allocating resources to support quality initiatives and employee training. We actively communicate the importance of quality to all employees and stakeholders.

Engagement of People: We empower all employees to actively participate in quality improvement initiatives and foster a culture of ownership, accountability, and continuous learning. This involves creating opportunities for employees to participate in quality improvement projects, recognising and rewarding employees who demonstrate a commitment to quality, and empowering them to identify and report quality issues.

Context of the Organisation: We consider the internal and external factors that influence our ability to achieve our quality objectives, ensuring our QMS remains relevant and effective. This includes identifying and managing risks that could impact the quality of our products and services, complying with relevant legal and regulatory requirements, and considering the impact of technological advancements on our QMS.

Relationship Management: We build strong relationships with our suppliers and partners, collaborating to ensure the quality of their products and services contribute to the quality of our offerings. This involves developing clear communication channels with suppliers and partners, collaborating with them to ensure they meet our quality standards, and sharing best practices and lessons learned.

Improvement: We continuously strive to improve the effectiveness of our QMS through ongoing monitoring, measurement, analysis, and evaluation, taking corrective actions where necessary. This includes regularly reviewing and updating our quality objectives, conducting internal audits to identify areas for improvement, and implementing corrective actions to address identified quality issues.


This policy is the foundation for setting measurable quality objectives throughout our organisation. These objectives will be integrated into our strategic planning and reviewed periodically to ensure their continued relevance and alignment with our overall quality goals.


This policy is communicated and made readily available to all employees, relevant stakeholders, and the public. We ensure our employees understand their individual roles and contributions to achieving our quality objectives.


This policy will be reviewed periodically, at least annually, to ensure its continued suitability and effectiveness in light of changing circumstances and the organisation's context.

Fleet Transport Consultants Ltd is dedicated to exceeding expectations and fostering a culture of quality within our organisation. We are confident that this policy will enable us to achieve our quality goals and deliver exceptional value to our customers.

Next Review Circa November 2025