HR/ ER Documents

We appreciate the complexities of managing a fleet and ensuring driver compliance and safety. To support you in fostering a culture of safety, responsibility, and efficiency within your organisation, we have developed a suite of essential tools and documents. Best of all, these resources are free to download.

Our documents are designed to assist Transport Managers, Managers, and Operators in streamlining their processes, reinforcing company policies, and addressing both minor and major issues effectively. We invite you to explore and download these resources to enhance your operational protocols and uphold the highest standards of safety and compliance.
What’s is it used for
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Informal Discussion Document - IDD

Address minor infractions through constructive discussions. This template assists in documenting informal conversations about issues such as vehicle cleanliness, speeding, and more.


Investigation Script

A guide to conducting thorough and fair investigations into incidents or complaints. Ensure all relevant information is collected and analysed.

Disciplinay Script

Navigate formal disciplinary actions with clarity and consistency. This script outlines the steps and considerations for addressing serious infractions. Use this document once you have completed a thorough investigation

Suspension Script

Guide and script to allow managers to formally suspend drivers/ colleagues

Example of Infringement Management Matrix

A guide on how to manage persistent and serious infringements, to ensure consistency and management controls