Restricted Licence Holders: Expert Support for Essential Compliance

Myth Alert! Restricted Vehicle Licenses: Don't Get Caught Off Guard!

Many operators believe that a Restricted Licence comes with fewer compliance requirements than a Standard National Licence. This common myth can be costly. The truth is, all vehicle operators must adhere to the rigorous standards set forth by the DVSA to ensure road safety and fair business practice.

We understand the unique challenges faced by Restricted Licence holders. That's why we provide tailored support solutions designed to bolster your compliance and protect your business interests. 

Compliance Audits:
In-depth assessments to identify any areas of vulnerability within your operation.
Bespoke Solutions:
Expert guidance to address specific compliance issues or optimise your procedures.
Equipping you and your team with essential knowledge to maintain ongoing standards.
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Compliance Audits

Effortless Compliance

Audits, Support, & Follow-Up. Get thorough DVSA-style audits, free post-audit support, and dedicated follow-up checks.

  • DVSA Style Audits

    Comprehensive Audits: Our DVSA-style audits offer a deep dive into all areas of your Operator Licence, ensuring thorough compliance assessment.

  • Free Advice & Solutions

    Expert Support: We don't just identify issues - we offer free post-audit advice and solutions to equip you with the knowledge and tools to succeed.

  • Free Follow-up

    Dedicated Follow-Up: Free follow-up checks guarantee your smooth progress, ensuring you stay on track and achieve your compliance goals.

FTC Compliance Audit
Quality Management

Bespoke Solutions

Streamline Compliance

Root Cause Solutions & Proactive Alerts. Ensure smooth operations with our proven approach. Let's prevent, not just fix.

  • Root Cause Analysis

    Prevent Future Issues with Root Cause Analysis: We don't just fix problems, we identify and eliminate their root causes to prevent them from recurring.

  • Proven Solutions

    Proven Solutions for Lasting Change: Years of experience and testing have equipped us to quickly identify effective solutions that deliver enduring results.

  • Proactive Alerts & Support

    Gain Complete Compliance Visibility:  We act as your compliance extension, leveraging technology to access tachograph and maintenance data. Get real-time alerts and expert guidance to address any potential issues before they escalate.

Root Cause Analysis


Effortless Compliance: Train, Tech, Thrive.

Get essential Operator Awareness Training (online/in-person) and streamline your operations with our expert app guidance. We empower you to avoid penalties and ensure smooth operations.

  • Operator Awareness Training

    Master compliance and avoid costly penalties with essential Operator Awareness Training. This mandatory training is available online or in-classroom and equips individuals with the knowledge to identify and prevent compliance issues. Whether you're an operator or looking to gain an edge, this undeniably valuable training is the single most important step towards ensuring your organization operates smoothly and legally.

  • Apps & Tech

    Feeling overwhelmed by transport apps? We get it! From driver walkarounds to tachograph analysis, there are many options. We help simplify your life by showing you the best tools and how to seamlessly integrate them into your daily routine. Focus on what you do best, let us handle the tech!

  • Accreditation

    Knowledge isn't enough. Authorities demand proof. That's why we partner with registered training centers, ensuring your accredited training demonstrates your understanding and application of regulations. Get the certification you need with confidence.

FTC Training