Tachomaster Classroom Training

Tachomaster Training

What is Covered?

  • Introduction to Tachomaster
  • Owner operator requirements/ obligations.
  • Brief overview of where to find things in Tachomaster (TM)
  • Introduction to calendars, what to look for, how to use and how to add data (holidays, edit days, WTD additions etc)
  • The four main calendars. (Driver, vehicle, rest and group) In addition, the leave/ rest calendar.
  • Modules. Compliance dashboard.
  • Infringement letters.
  • Manual infringements.
  • Reports, key reports to use, usage of these.
  • Scheduling of reports.
  • Recommended reports to run and schedule
  • How to read the data from reports in particular missing mileage. If you have missing mileage, how, why and how to resolve.
  • Compliance dashboard.
  • DCRS, are you monitoring driver performance.
  • Adding data (Uploading), adding drivers and vehicles, d'loading issues and regularity. Adding start and finish dates and the importance of this.
  • Company settings.
  • Training management.
  • What to do when you receive a request for data from the DVSA.


Tachomaster Master Class

Hands-on Classroom Training

Discover the power of Tachomaster in our intensive classroom training. Learn to manage drivers’ hours, analyse data, and streamline operations. Don’t miss this opportunity! 
  • Location

    Leeds Beeston - LS11 5HL
  • Date & Time

    Wed 31st July - 9:30am till 4:30
  • Classroom

    Interactive Hand-on Classroom Based
  • Lunch & Snack

    Sandwich, Coffee & Tea Provided