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Fleet Transport Consultants (FTC)

  • CPC External Transport Managers (TM CPC)

  • Transport Compliance Audits

  • Advanced Tachograph Analysis

  • Vehicle Maintenance Strategy

  • Desk-Based Assessment Questionnaire

  • Public Inquiry Preparation & Representation

  • O' Licence Application & Advice

  • Recovery Plans & Much More!

  • Rapid Response - We are by your side within 24 Hours
  • Bespoke Solutions
  • Peace of Mind - You are in Good Hands
  • Qualified CPCTM Transport Managers
  • Over 30 Years Industry and Business Experience
  • Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme - FORS

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Our Services

We offer a variety of bespoke services both on-site and remotely, generally, we endeavour to create solutions that fit easily and effortlessly within our client's current operations.
Training & Development


Training & Development

  • Training Analysis

  • One to One & Classroom 

  • Advanced Training

  • CPC/ Personal Development

Compliant - Efficient - Safe

  • Manage your fleet with confidence: Our comprehensive support ensures compliance with all DVSA regulations, including Standard and Restricted Operator Licences.

  • Stay ahead of the curve: Our experts navigate complex regulations, keeping your vehicles meeting all applicable requirements.

  • Don't go it alone: Get tailored solutions from our dedicated team to keep your fleet fully compliant and avoid costly non-compliance issues.

Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how we can simplify your fleet compliance journey!

Navigate Your Operator's Licence with Confidence: Don't face complex operator's licence issues alone.

Our expert team at FTC provides comprehensive support, ensuring you navigate every step with clarity and confidence. We specialise in:

  • Responding promptly to OTC requests: Meet deadlines, avoid delays, and ensure proper communication with the Office of the Traffic Commissioner (OTC).

  • Preparing for Public Inquiries: Gain in-depth knowledge of the process, gather evidence effectively, and face inquiries with a well-equipped strategy.

  • Developing robust recovery plans: Mitigate risks, ensure compliance, and safeguard your operator's licence in case of suspension or revocation threats.

  • Supporting announced DVSA visits and Desk Based Assessments: Be fully prepared for inspections and submit comprehensive, compliant responses.

Simplify Your Tachograph Journey: Master Your Data & Avoid Compliance Headaches

Don't let complex tachograph software hold you back. Our tailored training programs empower you to unlock the full potential of tools like Tachomaster and others.We specialise in:

  1. Tachomaster training, support, and troubleshooting: Master data analysis, reporting, and software usage.

  2. Staying compliant: Gain the knowledge to navigate the latest tachograph regulations with confidence.

  3. Resolving any tachograph-related issues: Eliminate frustration and get back on track with expert guidance.

Contact us today and make your tachograph a powerful asset, not a burden. Ensure seamless compliance and optimise your operations.

Guaranteed Compliance & Optimised Operations: Your One-Stop Transport Solution

Over 20 years of expertise make us the leading provider of comprehensive transport compliance and maintenance services.

  • Stay compliant, stay safe, stay efficient. We offer a full spectrum of audits:

  1. Tachograph

  2. Maintenance

  3. Operator Licence

  • Go beyond compliance: Develop a cutting-edge vehicle maintenance strategy with our industry-leading approach. Reduce downtime, maximise efficiency, and ensure top-notch vehicle condition.


Fleet Transport Consultants

Short video clip on services offered by the FTC, we continue to add content to our Youtube channel, with hints & tips on how to manage operator licence obligations.
On-Site Training - the FTC
Virtual Training - the FTC
Classroom Training - the FTC
Standard Licence

External Transport Manager Costs

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible value for money. Our pricing is competitive and transparent, with no hidden costs. We offer monthly payments so that you can budget for our services and spread the cost over time. We offer a wide range of services, all of which are delivered by experienced and qualified professionals. If you are looking for a company that can provide you with high-quality Transport Managers at a competitive price,  we encourage you to contact us today. We would be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a free quote. Our prices are based on the Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) (Red/Amber/Green). 

Not sure how to check your OCRS?



  • For 1st Vehicle

  • £89 Additional Vehicles

  • (up to 5)

  • £69 Additional Vehicles

  • (max 29)

  • Tachograph & Maintenance

  • Periodic Site Visit



  • For 1st Vehicle

  • £99 Additional Vehicles

  • (up to 5)

  • £79 Additional Vehicle

  • (max 29)

  • Periodic Site Visits

  • Plan to attain Green Status



  • For 1st Vehicle

  • £99 Additional Vehicles

  • (up to 5)

  • £99 Additional Vehicle

  • (max 29)

  • Periodic Site Visits

  • Plan to attain Amber Status


Restricted Licence

There is no obligation on the operator to have a nominated Transport Manager, but it's good practice to have one.

Transport Manager Services & Pricing

1st Vehicle


Each Additional Vehicle


Periodic Compliance Reviews


Remote Support


One Site Visit




We offer a variety of training and development days, as part of CPC Driver Training, Operator Obligations Training and Administrator training across a various areas, depending on gaps identified within the organisation.


Duty of Care

Driver Training

  • Driver Daily Walk Training

  • Safe Loading (HGV)

  • Driver Hours & Compliance

  • Driver Obligations


Advanced Training

Tachograph Analysis

  • Deep Dive Data Analysis

  • Investigatory Analysis

  • Legal & Professional Evidence

  • Advanced Reporting


Public Inquiry Representation & More

Your Complete DVSA Compliance Solution

Worried about Public Inquiries, MIVR visits, or Desk-based assessments?

Here's how we support you:

  • Public Inquiry representation**: Facing a Public Inquiry?  Public inquiry representation is available, but proactive compliance is truly the key to avoiding the stress and potential repercussions.

  • MIVR/TIVR visit preparation: Don't wing it! Our specialists prepare you for DVSA's Maintenance Investigations and Technical Interviews, maximising your chances of a positive outcome.

  • Desk-based assessment support: Navigating these assessments can be tricky. We guide you through the process, ensuring your documentation is complete and compliant.

Every client receives a bespoke service tailored to their specific needs. Unlike other generic consultancies, we get to know your business and provide targeted solutions. Ready to achieve and maintain DVSA compliance with confidence? Contact us today for a free consultation and discuss how we can help.

** We can only represent you at a PI if authorised by the relevant TC.

Support with
What’s included
Public Inquiry

 End-to-end representation at every stage before and after a Public Inquiry

from £1500

DVSA Visit

Preperation of announced visits or helping with the aftermath of a visit

from £649


Desk-Based Assessment Questionnaire completion & rebuttal 

from £649


Bespoke solutions based on the operator needs and challenges


get accredited

FORS Accreditation

FORS, Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, is a national voluntary accreditation, designed to raise standards across the road transport industry.

We can support Operators to become compliant with the three levels of the scheme (Bronze, Silver & Gold), through a FORS Audit.

Six benefits of joining the FORS scheme:

  1. Standout and Proud - Given the choice, who would your service user prefer, someone who is accredited for their safety, compliance and efficiency or someone they have no information about?

  2. Increase Efficiency - Through the latest technology, training and Industry best practices, drivers and operators become acutely aware of environmental impact and fuel consumption, resulting in more economic driving practices.

  3. Improve Road Safety Record - .................

FORS Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme
Frequently Asked questions


If you have any other questions please contact us.

Can someone look after all aspects of the O' Licence undertaking on my behalf?

Yes! we can bear in mind that the Operator Licence undertakings are firstly the responsibility of the operator, although we can support ensuring good levels of compliance, the buck stops with the O' Licence holder.

My business has a restricted licence, do I need a Transport Manager (TMCPC)?

No! there is no obligation to have a formal transport manager, although as the operator licence holder, the undertaking required under the law is still relevant, hence someone needs to have the ultimate responsibility, most of which can be delegated.

Can you help with dealing with the Office of the Traffic Commissioner?

Yes! we can. You might have been served a PG9 or a PG13 perhaps. You could have received an ‘S’ marked prohibition notice, an instant red OCRS, asked to complete a DBAQ or have been asked to attend a Public Inquiry! We can support you with all these eventualities.

Can you support me in applying for a new O' Licence or making changes to it?

Yes! we can. As is the case with dealing with any regulatory bodies, ensuring that the correct paperwork, procedures and timescales are applied saves time and money in the long term. Get us involved as early as possible.

I need help with understanding the Tachograph data, can you help?

Yes! we can. We can help in 3 simple ways.

  • help train all the individuals

  • offer remote management of tachograph compliance, ensuring that any issues are quickly flagged and fixed.

  • offer Advanced Tachograph Analysis & reporting

I don't know where to start, what should I do?

You can do three things:

  • Find out what's wrong, our audits will help in identifying the gaps.

  • Train yourself and all relevant staff, our bespoke training can help.

  • Have systems in place that monitor and flag any issues, we can do this remotely.

Expertise or Standards
  • DVSA- Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • VDO-Tacho
  • Truckfile-Logo
  • TruTac-Logo

What our clients say

EFR Skips 
We cannot express enough gratitude to Fleet Transport Consultants for their outstanding support and expertise in ensuring our operation remains compliant in every aspect. As a business with a standard Operators license, their guidance has been invaluable.Overall, we highly recommend Fleet Transport Consultants to any business in need of comprehensive support and guidance in maintaining compliance. Their professionalism, dedication, and depth of knowledge make them an invaluable partner in the transportation industry.
Onyx Recycling Ltd
We've had the pleasure of working with the FTC, and their support has been invaluable, especially during our recent operator license changes. Their expertise and guidance have greatly improved our operations, particularly in terms of compliance and training. The team at FTC is not only knowledgeable but also incredibly supportive throughout the entire process. Their dedication to helping businesses succeed is commendable. We highly recommend FTC to any company in need of exceptional support and guidance. 
Wessex Logistics
We had an outstanding experience working with Fleet Transport Consultants for our logistics business, Wessex Logistics. They provided invaluable assistance in obtaining our operator license, handling DBAQ responses, and representing us at a PI. Their team exhibited exceptional competence and diligence throughout the entire process. We highly recommend Fleet Transport Consultant for their professionalism and expertise in the field. They truly exceeded our expectations. Thank you for your outstanding service!
SKAT Logistics
Fleet Transport Consultants delivers exceptional transport management services. Our transport manager has been consistently competent, available, and responsible. They've navigated tricky situations with ease and provided timely support whenever needed. Highly recommend their reliable and professional services!

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Let's Talk

For any further information or clarification, please get in touch with us. We offer a FREE no-obligation telephone consultation, this will give you an idea of how we operate and likewise allow us to get a glimpse of your business. Don't hesitate to call Today!
about us

The Senior Consultants @the FTC

With many years of industry experience, having supported 100s of businesses with practical solutions, our experts leave no stone unturned in ensuring that they find the best solutions that work for your business environment, culture and systems.

André Renner 

"Good Communication is vital"

Having worked in the compliance sector for over 17 years I have a wealth of experience in not only general compliance but also advanced compliance. My role is primarily as a solution finder. I am in a unique position to be able to advise on not only what an operator will need to do to be compliant but also to find creative, cost and time-efficient solutions. My legislative experience is complimented by my technical expertise in finding effective solutions. Having been involved from the very start in the development of Tachomaster, I have been able to understand what issues can occur and, more importantly, what solutions there are. My experience is in both the technical and legislative.

My roles have been in sales, finding solutions, training large and small groups or individuals, 3rd line support, and product development.

email: or call 07941292471

Zed Aziz

"Success lies in routines"

Having worked with skip-hire, grab-hire and scaffolding businesses, I have real empathy with operators about running their core businesses and balancing their responsibilities as an operator. I can assist with ensuring that your business operates successfully whilst also being 100% compliant. My strength lies in providing practical solutions that can work alongside existing practices, rather than reinventing the wheel. Also due to many years of experience in compliance and data analytics businesses, I have a real affinity for identifying root causes of non-compliance, saving time and money for the operators.

My aim isn't to catch you doing it wrong but to help you do it right effortlessly.

My field of expertise is not just limited to transport, rather I can help with Business Development, HR, Waste Management, H&S, Digital Marketing and AI business solutions.

email: or call: 07590060013

Join the Fleet Transport Consultants (the FTC)

If you are a qualified Transport Manager (both HGV and/ or PSV), you have experience within this field or have other accreditations in this arena, please contact us, we may have an opportunity for you to join us as a freelance consultant based on your location and experience.