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DVSA Desk-Based Assessment Questionnaire (DBAQ)

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Desk-Based Assessment has become the preferred mode of investigation for the DVSA. In this article, we discuss what is involved in a DBA and how to approach it. For further information and support please contact us Today.
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Desk Based Assessment - Are You Worried?
The DVSA remote Desk-Based Assessment Questionnaire (DBAQ) is probably perceived by most Vehicle Operators as the worst thing that could happen to them, even worse than an actual DVSA turning up unannounced, this is probably because its a ticking time bomb that needs to be defused carefully and quickly. Allow me to elaborate:
  • The DBAQ is far-reaching and addresses every compliance element of your business's operation, there is no hiding or trying to sweep things under the carpet.

  • The result of a poor DBAQ could result in a Public Inquiry at the Traffic Commissioner's office, with the potential of curtailment, suspension or other punitive actions.

  • The response to the DBAQ request is generally required within 14 days (which can be extended), hence this can have an adverse effect on other aspects of your operation.

  • You will be required to dig up between 6 months to a year's data for a select number of vehicles, these will include PMIs, DDIs, DDRs, Invoices, Tachograph data, Infringements, training records, CPC tracking, driver licence inspections, brake tests, communication, AdBlue usage and a lot more.

  • The questions in most cases are technical and require being answered in a certain manner to satisfy the DVSA officers.

  • The DBAQ is a blunt tool, due to the one-way communication mode of this questionnaire, understanding some of the questions can be difficult and satisfying the DVSA officers who will eventually evaluate it, is even harder.

How to approach & complete the DVSA Desk-Based Assessment Questionnaire


  • Do Ask for Internal or External help

  • Do Read the questionnaire carefully and make sure you understand all the questions

  • Do Answer each question to the best of your knowledge

  • Do Go above and beyond with your evidence and answers

  • Do Ask for clarification if not sure

  • Do Ask for an extension, if you have a genuine reason

  • Do Answer questions in a manner that leaves no ambiguity

  • Do Send evidence to substantiate your statements

  • Do Send all the evidence electronically (if possible)

  • Do Proofread your answers before you submit them


  • Don't Take the DBAQ lightly

  • Don't Leave it to complete the last minute

  • Don't Write War & Peace, keep it concise and to the point

  • Don't Muddle your way through the exercise 

  • Don't Fabricate, lie, or try to hoodwink the DVSA Officers

  • Don't Make excuses or tell tales

  • Don't Blame the software, the system or the service providers

  • Don't Leave any questions unanswered

  • Don't Send anything more than what is asked for

  • Don't Submit your answers late


Desk-based Assessment

We can offer the following support in the preparation and execution of outcomes and outputs


  • Offer on-site, remote and telephone support

  • Help with answering the questions appropriately

  • Prepare the evidence bundle


  • Provide any further information requested by the DVSA officers

  • Prepare evidence and present the narrative

Public Inquiry

  • Prepare for PI

  • Attend the PI as your representation

  • Build an action plan that satisfys the TCO.

Download the Desk Based Assessment Questionnaire

Need Help?

Allow us to Guide you

We can make the whole process seamless, from the support with the reply to the initial Desk Based Assessment Questionnaire (which is probably the most important stage) to the subsequent stages, all the way to the potential of a Public Inquiry if required.
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