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Transport Compliance Audits

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Revolutionise Your HGV Operations with Our Comprehensive Compliance Audits

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Transport Compliance Audits

We offer various options for compliance audits. These audits are thorough and conduct a deep dive into all areas of O'Licence Obligations and compliance. The audit addresses over 24 key areas of HGV Operator Compliance and business operation more information about each area is available as a click through.

Legal Entity | Company Documents | Operating CenTre | PMI | Defects | Inspection Arrangements | Ad Blue | Loads | Security | Wheels & Tyres | Trailers | Driver Documents | Driver Training | Driver Hours | WTD | Traffic | PI | RFE Assurances | TM | H&S | HR | GDPR
Mini Audit


  • High Level
  • Tachograph Compliance

  • Maintenance Compliance

  • Training Levels

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Tachograph Audit


  • Detailed Audit
  • Driver Hours

  • Data Management

  • Knowledge

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Maintenance Audit


  • Detailed Audit
  • Maintenance Review

  • Inspection Facilities & PMIs

  • Communication

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Full Audit


  • Detailed Full Audit
  • Detailed Tachograph

  • Detailed Maintenance

  • Management Controls

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DVSA Remote Enforcement Office (REO)

Desk Based Assessment Questionnaire - DBAQ

In the post-COVID-19 world, the Driver Vehicles Standards Agency (DVSA) has also changed its tact on how to test the compliance levels of vehicle operator entities.

Recently the Commissioner's office introduced a Desk Based Assessment Questionnaire (DBAQ), this is a comprehensive look into business compliance, the DBAQ is far-reaching and detailed, hence if you receive an email requesting this assessment.

Don’t take this request lightly, act quickly and set aside circa 40+ hours to complete the response.Answer the questions fully with substantive evidence and request extra time if required.

The DVSA officer will give 14 days to reply to the email and replies have to be sent electronically, which can be a difficult, as the email attachment size is limited, and the Commissioner's Office does not accept cloud solutions (One Drive, Google Drive or DropBox), hence probably sending multiple emails may be the only solution.

The DBAQ is made up of 20 different sections and requires the following information at a minimum:

Vehicle Management

  • All Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PMI) records and associated records and printouts.

  • All Driver Defect Reports (DDRs) that record defects, and rectification details.

  • All records of interim inspections, repairs and maintenance carried out between planned safety inspections.

Traffic Management

  • All drivers’ hours/tachograph records.Important: Send the raw data downloaded from both the driver cards and vehicleunits that have been driven by the selected drivers during this period.

  • Where tachograph records are used supply the analysis summaries for the statedreference period.

  • Working time records for the last completed reference period in accordance with theprovisions of the Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations 2005.

  • Copies (front and back) of the current driving licence and driver CPC.

If you require help with preparing a robust reply, please contact us urgently.

Test Yourself

Mini Test Audit

Answer the 11 questions in this mini-audit to get a taste of what we check in our comprehensive audit, our full audit comprises of over 300 questions.

Compliance Audits

Our Audit consists of 21 different business operational areas

DVSA Compliance Audits
The purpose of an audit is to evaluate whether the organisation is following external regulations that it should abide by, in the case of a VOL, it is to fulfil the obligations that ensure the employees and the general public are safe to use the public highways.
Our comprehensive audit looks at over 20 key areas of the business to get a full 360 view of the compliance levels in the organisation. Our ultimate purpose is to educate, upskill and re-engage the operator. The broad areas we cover in our audit are as follows:

Systems & processes for the management of drivers

 Licence checks

 Training & record keeping

 Daily checks & defect reports (DDI-DDR)

 Driver hours, record keeping and scheduling

 Working Time Directive (Road Transport Directive RTD) Records

 Tachograph Analysis, report running schedule & Infringement management

 Road traffic offences, record keeping, investigations and outcomes

 HR, investigations, disciplinaries with scripts and documentation

Systems & processes for the Maintenance of Vehicle

 Planning and execution of Preventative Maintenance Inspections (PMIs), MOTs, Roller brake tests, Tacho-calibration and other compliance checks according to the vehicle usage

 Wall maintenance planner and aids

 Defect detection, recording, reporting and repair (the 3Rs)

 GV79D Maintenance Provider contracts & communications

 Vehicles and mandatory documentation

 Spot checks & Management controls

 Wheel & Tyre maintenance policy

 VOR (Vehicle Off Road) policy

 AdBlue usage

Management of Online systems

 Manage your Vehicle Operator Licence (VOL)

 OCRS – RAG Status and subsequent plan to go Green

 OTC Communications & readiness of systems

 Publication guidance & access

 Operating Centre suitability and margin

 Arrangements for the hiring, use and returning of a hired vehicle

Management of Safe Loading

 Correct loading/unloading of vehicles

 Guidance & systems in place for the prevention of Overloading of vehicles

 Vehicle load security

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