OLAC / OLAT One Day Training Plan


  • To Transport Regulations

  • To the trainers

  • To the participants

Course Objectives

  • Objectives of the session:

  • Understand the importance of compliance in the transport industry.

  • Identify key transport regulations and standards.

  • Recognise the role of operators and transport managers in ensuring compliance.


  • An overview of the topics to be covered in the session.

  • Importance of Compliance

  • Key Transport Regulations

  • Roles and Responsibilities

Importance of Compliance

  • Compliance in the context of the transport industry.

  • The consequences of non-compliance (e.g., fines, accidents, reputation damage).

Key Transport Regulations

  • Major regulations and standards relevant to the industry.

  • Specific regulations that you should be aware of.

  • Brief overview of each regulation

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Roles and responsibilities of operators and transport managers in ensuring compliance.

  • The importance of communication and cooperation.

  • The important of record keeping and transparency.

Keeping your Operator Licence Promises

  1. keep vehicles taxed, insured and in MOT

  2. check that drivers have the right licence to drive HGVs

  3. keep vehicles and trailers roadworthy and not overload them

  4. obey the drivers’ hours and tachograph rules

  5. make sure that drivers do a daily walk-round check of the vehicle (recorded in writing) before starting to drive

  6. keep vehicle maintenance and driver-check records for 15 months

  7. not operate more than the maximum number of vehicles stated on the licence

  8. operate only from the operating centre(s) stated on the licence

  9. tell the Traffic Commissioner within 28 days, about:

  • any convictions of the licence holder or their staff

  • a change in maintenance arrangements

  • a planned change in entity

  • a change in financial status

Case Study

  • Real-world example of a compliance issue in the transport industry.

  • Discuss how compliance could have prevented the issue.

Interactive Quiz

  • Multiple-choice questions to test understanding of the material covered

Open Q&A and Discussion

  • Questions and discussions among participants.

  • Clarify any doubts or concerns.

Session Summary

  • The key takeaways from the session.

Homework Assignment


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