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New HGV Levy to Kick Off on 1st August 2023

Andre Renner

The UK government has announced that a new HGV levy will commence on 1st August 2023. The levy will apply to all HGVs over 12,000kg when driven on motorways and A roads.

The levy is designed to ensure that HGVs contribute towards the cost of using the UK’s road network. The money raised from the levy will be used to improve the roads and highways, and to make them more sustainable.

The levy will be calculated based on the weight of the HGV and its emissions. HGVs in the lightest weight band (12,001 to 31,000kg) will pay £3 per day, while HGVs in the heaviest weight band (38,001kg and over) will pay £9 per day.

The levy will be paid by the vehicle operator, and can be paid online or by post. Operators will need to register for the levy before they can start paying.

The government estimates that the levy will raise £1.5 billion per year. This money will be used to improve the road network, including by:

  • Fixing potholes

  • Widening lanes

  • Building new bridges

  • Investing in public transport

The new HGV levy has been welcomed by some road users, who argue that it is fair that HGVs contribute to the cost of using the roads. However, others have criticised the levy, arguing that it will add to the cost of doing business and could lead to job losses.

The government has said that the levy will have a “minimal impact” on businesses, and that it will be offset by the benefits of improved roads. The government has also said that it will work with businesses to help them manage the costs of the levy.

The new HGV levy is due to commence on 1st August 2023. Vehicle operators should register for the levy and start paying before they start using the roads.

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